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HTML Page Turn Brochure Creator The Best Brochure Tool to Optimize Marketing Brochure

Inspire your customers every where with interactive page flipping brochures. Optimizing your marketing brochures with advertising banner, Google AdSense, social media.

HTML Page Turn Brochure Creator Online Brochure Maker Page Turning Book

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Why PubHTML5 ?

PubHTML5 is the best html page turn brochure creator which can not only ensure you build a compelling page turning brochure in few minutes, but also give you the edges of tapping into greater market potential. At first, the HTML page turn brochure creator gives you the chance to add advertising banner to your online brochure. Making good use of the advertising banner can bring some excitement to your readers. What’s more, PubHTML5 is integrated with the powerful Google AdSense. After applying the revenue creating program, you may get a new revenue stream and more business opportunities. At last, you are able to expand your viewers by sharing your publication via multiple popular social media in PubHTML5.
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More Amazing Examples Created by PubHTML5

PubHTML5 HTML page turn brochure creator

Introduction of PubHTML5 HTML page turn brochure creator

1. Advertising banner

Adding advertising banner to your online book can not only make your online book attention-grabbing, but also improve the interactivity between the readers and your online book. On the one hand, you are allowed to add many dynamic looping images. On the other hand, the images can be used to link to your website.

2. Google AdSense

PubHTML5 is integrated with Google AdSense which is a great program to display eye-catching advertisement in your website. The powerful program can monetize your online brochure and bring a new revenue stream for you. What you need to do is input your Google AdSense ID and you will enjoy the benefits of it.

3. Share to social media

The publication created by PubHTML5 can be shared via different kinds of social networks by you or your followers. With the convenient share button in the toolbar that covering with a wide variety of popular social media, your readers can share your online brochure to any platform with just one click. In addition, you are allowed to give more choice for your readers by add other social media as defaulted platforms.

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