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Ian Mitchell
Production Artist

    We started using Pub Html5 after making the decision to go digital with our catalogs. They made it very easy for us to get started and after uploading our PDF file, Pub Html5 got right back to us with our digital catalog. They were very helpful with our first catalog and it turned out great. Since then we have produced several more and plan to continue our relationship with Pub Html5 for future catalogs.

Chris Rosenberg
Marketing Manager

    We searched for an easy and economical solution to an electronic catalog to post on our website for a new product line. Pub Html5’s website was easy to use and allowed us to sample a catalog before we purchased it. We liked the service so much that we produced all three of our catalogs in a slide format and plan to update them often and add more as well. This is an economical way for us to keep our customers up to date with our latest products. Our customers love these catalogs and comment on them often.

Alvaro Fonseca
Editor - Sessions Magazine

    My name is Alvaro Fonseca I'm the editor for a Surf Magazine called Sessions Surf Mag, I've been developing my mag with Pub Html5, it's been so good they have helped me always with a smile on their faces and most importantly, always so quick and with excellent quality, I want to thank you guys for all you have done for us!!!!

Olivier Clement
Technical Contact

    I have been struggling converting my PDF into virtual paper myself for the past years and when I found Pub Html5, I was amazed by the fast conversion of my PDF and the great quality and services they have given me me. It also works great on iOS, Android and non-Flash devices

Meredith Maines
 Advertising Lead

    With Sherlene's help at Pub Html5, we've been able to produce multiple successful e-publications for global markets. The team was able to quickly make any edits to ensure we had the most up-to-date product available to our international offices. The ability to integrate Pub Html5's usage statistics into our existing Google Analytics account has also proven to be very helpful. 

Caitlin Price
Editorial Coordinator

    Doing business with Pub Html5 is quickly, painless and super easy. Even though we are on different coasts, the staff are always very timely and professional in their responses, and rarely am I left waiting longer than an hour for an answer at pretty much any time of my work day. The turnaround for creating a digital magazine is practically no time at all, and the quality of the final product is superb. I would gladly recommend anyone looking for a digital magazine solution to Pub Html5

Charles Jeffers
Sales & Marketing

    As technology continues to enhance, it is imperative that we stay current and relevant. When you have a great team to work with, you can produce an even greater product. The pubhtml5 team have been consistent with quality, customer service, and response rate. We have used Pub Html5 for years, and in doing such have been able to provide interactive publications that are fast and easy to use.

Masayoshi Son

    With high speed broadband we remove the obstacle that has traditionally prevented end users and authors from enjoying and providing multimedia rich content. This integrates especially well with E-Book Systems’ Pub Html5 technology which further enhances the multimedia rich content by packaging it within a 3D realistic book interface. I have high expectations that Digital Pub Html5 technology will contribute much to the proliferation of rich media broadband content.

Carol Keskitalo
Breakaway Adventures

    We chose Pub Html5 because it’s very user friendly and cost effective. The customer service was excellent and we can get the project up and running quickly. We have also received many positive comments regarding the created interactive publications from our clients. Our previous system was cumbersome with long download times – so far, we have received no complaints about the ease of download (a frequent problem in the past!) Some of our vendors have asked for your name – as they would like to offer a similar service to their readers

Andrea Montalvo
The Tourist Magazine

    We chose Pub Html5 because of its price and quality. Pub Html5 is versatile and with great quality even when zooming. Most converters lose quality on digital issues. Pub Html5 website is very easy to use, deeply reliable, and it takes me 1 minute to convert my magazine every month, nothing compared to the great clients’ and readers’ response!